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When running a curl command, why I am getting that "401 unauthorized" error despite of having all the REST API capabilities?

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Hi there,

I am trying the run curl -k -u james:james@123 https://localhost:8089/services/search/jobs -d search="search *" on the search head but i am getting the error 401 Unauthorized. But the user has "rest_properties_set, rest_properties_get","rest_apps_view". Can i please know why i am still getting that 401 unauthorized error despite of having all the REST API capabilities ?

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Could you try the command with double quotes:

$curl -k -u "user:password" https://localhost:8089/services/search/jobs -d search="search "

What version of curl you use?

Rodrigo Ribeiro

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Can I use CURL to retrieve saved search?

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