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When building a modular input, how to index JSON data?



I am building a modular input using Add-on Building and python.
When I am trying to index JSON data I get this error: "ERRORcannot serialize {u'rule-number': 1, u'type': u'access-rule..."

Any clue about this issue?

The relevant portion of code is:

res =  json.load(response)   
 rules = res['rulebase']
 for rule in rules:
            event = helper.new_event(source=helper.get_input_type(), index=helper.get_output_index(), sourcetype=helper.get_sourcetype(), data=rule)

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Have you looked at the structure of the raw data ? Splunk modular input is sending data as a xml, and therefor you json parsing fails. i am myself unsure how this is expected to work.

raw event
2018-10-22T13:05:51.329000+0200{'test': 'Issue', 'time': '2018-10-22T13:05:51.329000+0200'}

real event
{'test': 'Issue', 'time': '2018-10-22T13:05:51.329000+0200'}

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

try json.dump before you write the events

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