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What search can list the Empty indexes which are not sending data to splunk enterprise?

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Hi team,

I am from admin team i wanted to how many of indexes are empty and are not having data anymore in it so that i can remove those indexes and clean up my indexes.conf 


Can we have a query or a way to find this 

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This is taking tooo long when i run for All Time 

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Here's a way to see the current size and event count of your indexes:

| rest /services/data/indexes
| table title currentDBSizeMB totalEventCount
| rename title AS index_name
| stats sum(currentDBSizeMB) AS index_size_mb sum(totalEventCount) AS event_ct BY index_name


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Hi @deepthi5,

you have to put a list of your indexes in a lookup, called e.g. indexes.csv containing at least one column called index

then you have to run a search like the following:

| metasearch index=*
| stats count BY index
| append [ | inputlookup indexes.csv | eval count=0 | fields index count ]
| stats sum(count) AS total BY index
| where total=0



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