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What is the syntax of the search term in REST API ?

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Splunk Employee

This works:

curl -u admin:changeme -k https://localhost:8089/services/search/jobs -d"search=search 123"

These don't: ( if try to POST the REST API directly .. )

https://localhost:8089/services/search/jobs search search==123 ( Not working )

https://localhost:8089/services/search/jobs/search%20search==123 ( Not working )

https://localhost:8089/services/search/jobs/search%20search%3D123 ( Not working )

https://localhost:8089/services/search/jobs/search%20search=123 ( Not working )

https://localhost:8089/services/search/jobs?search%20search=1 (this one bring something back, but not the XML)

https://localhost:8089/services/search/jobs?search%20search%3D1 (this one bring something back, but not the XML)

What is the syntax, please?
Any suggestion ?

Thx a lot

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

This is the regular URL call. Specifically, when you specify query parameters to a URL, you specify them as such:

In your case however, to create a search job, you need to POST, and so all the parameters go in the body of the POST request, not in the URL, so it will look like this:

with the POST body looking like this:

When you did that with curl, it did this thing automagically.