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What is the best way to forward Vcenter and ESXi host logs to Splunk?



I am working on a project to get logs from Vcenter and ESXi host to Splunk .

question 1 ) Is Vcenter app for splunk is license based ?or is it a free app ?
question 2 ) Can I install Vcenter app on my Splunk Heavy Forwarder and make it act as DNC ( as per documentation, we need to have DNC server, if we pulling logs using API )
question 3 ) what is the best process and to fwd logs from Vcenter and ESXi server to splunk ?

Thanks in advance.


Hi raomu, Did you manage to forward VCenter logs to Splunk. If yes, can you please share details and I am having similar issue.

Thanks in advance,

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Did you miss .conf21 Virtual?

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