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Website MonitoringL add inputs from splunk index or database


I am using website monitoring app

We need to add a long list of URLs into monitoring. However, we want this list to be dynamically updated from the CMDB database.

I am trying to query the list of URLs from our CMDB and can store this in Splunk index. This list of URLs need to be added into Website monitoring app.

I am thinking of writing out this list to a file on HF and then create a script to read this file and create inputs in website monitoring... any ideas please


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I think I can support this use-case by adding a scripted lookup command that could take in a lookup file (or search results) and perform a ping against them.

All you would need to do is to get the URLs dumped into Splunk somewhere (e.g. a lookup file) and then have a saved search run the command against the lookup on whatever the frequency you want them tested.

I have this planned for the next version (2.10); see the ticket here:

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