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Web proxying with Splunk


Enabling web proxy via apache through splunk.

**I have configured the web.conf as such:** 
enableSplunkWebSSL = 0 
root_endpoint = /splunk 
serverName = myserver 
trustedIP =

**and my apache.conf is as such:**
# proxy configuration 
ProxyRequests Off 
<Proxy *>   
Order deny,allow   
Allow from all 
ProxyPass /splunk/ 
ProxyPassReverse /splunk/

And I am unable to get everything working. Am I missing something simple?

With some settings I can get the login, but the CSS's are not coming in, and in other configurations I get the login (with the CSS's), but then I get a login error during submittal.

Any suggetions welcome.

My goal is to use to replace



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Re: Web proxying with Splunk


The proxy-pass should look like this:

ProxyPass /splunk
ProxyPassReverse /splunk

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