Getting Data In

Using Splunk as a data processor, then sending the data back to its source


I am trying to pull data from neo4j into Splunk, process it, and then send it back to neo4j. It looks like there is not a traditional way to do this, since neo4j doesn't appear to be compatible with the DBconnect. However, would it be possible to use python as an intermediary to send data to/from Splunk for this?

I am trying to avoid actually storing the data in Splunk itself. The data processing involves mostly machine learning. Is there a better option to accomplish this that I am overlooking?

Loves-to-Learn Lots

Although the question is very old and probably not relevant anymore. At least I do have created an app on splunkbase to pull data out of Neo4j into Splunk ( Working on another app that can send Splunk data back to Neo4j (

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