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Using DBConnect to pull logs from an application's internal database.


Is it possible to use DBConnect to pull logs from an application's internal database? The situation we have here is that one of our MDM applications (Informatica) logs all of their audit trail records into a relational database. This isn't like an Oracle database that can be queried via SQL - it's internal to Informatica and can only be accessed via the Informatica UI. Informatica is installed on-prem, so we aren't using a cloud-based version.

With that said, how would we go about pulling the audit logs into Splunk? Would DBConnect have a way of connecting to this internal database, or would another method need to be used here?

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I am sure these audit logs are written to a log file before uploading to an internal database.

Does your team has access to this server? If you can identify the log path (location of the logs on the server), either you OR server team can install splunk UF on the server and can forward the data to splunk indexers.

Other option would be calling REST end point for this application (if available) using splunk modular input.

Hope this helps

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