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Unversal Forwarder (win/*nix 9.1.1) with specific Index does not show up in Data summary anymore


Hi all,

I successfully forward data from Windows using the command

msiexec.exe /i splunkuniversalforwarder_x86.msi RECEIVING_INDEXER="indexer1:9997" WINEVENTLOG_SEC_ENABLE=1 WINEVENTLOG_SYS_ENABLE=1 AGREETOLICENSE=Yes /quiet

from Install a Windows universal forwarder .

The same for Linux with the command

./splunk add monitor /var/log

from Configure the universal forwarder using configuration files .

Both works fine and I can see the hosts in the Data Summary as visible in the following figure.

Data SummaryData Summary

If I instead set up the input in the local "inputs.conf" file after basic installation like

interval = 10
object = PhysicalDisk
counters = Disk Bytes/sec; % Disk Read Time; % Disk Write Time; % Disk Time
instances = *
disabled = 0
index = winfwtestinger

for example and assign a specific index, I can see that data is ingested if I search for the specific index but they will not appear in the Data Summary. I would be very happy about any suggestion what I am doing wrong here.


Best regards

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this should be tested. maybe i will give it a try today evening. 

well, looks like the developers made some basic errors.. even if we raise support ticket for this, splunk would consider this as low priority ticket. 


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