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Universal Forwarder to 3rd Party Systems as Syslog


I've read that the Universal Forwarded is not able to forward messages to a Syslog server.
Although this TABLE says that it is possible to forward to 3rd party systems.

Could anyone clear this issue for me?

I would like to forward log entries from a Windows Eventlog Collector to a Syslog Server using splunk forwarders.


See here

I have no idea if the uncooked data is in a syslog friendly format though.


The uncooked data is syslog friendly.

sample outputs.conf :

defaultGroup = default-autolb-group

server = splunkindex:514


It does send the universal forwarder logs too though, which could be messy ( and most of the events are multiline which syslog sees as multiple events )

All things considered, it might be easier to use snare

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