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Universal Forwarder requires restart after registering new WinEventLog source


We are running a Universal Forwarder on our Windows servers which host several of our application. Each application logs to the same Windows Event Logbook, but use different sources to be able to determine the source of the logging.
We have configured the UF to forward all messages from the logbook to the heavy forwarders according to the inputs.conf-snippet below:

disabled = 0
sourcetype = ServerAppLogs
source = ServerApp
renderXml = false

The problem is, whenever a new application is deployed, it will register a new source with the Windows Event logbook (using Powershell: [System.Diagnostics.EventLog]::CreateEventSource($eventSourceName, $eventLogName)). But the UF does not pick up this new source untill it is restarted even though we did not specify any whitelisting or blacklisting.

Is it possible to make the UF listen to new sources in the Windows Event Log without having to restart it?

PS. We are using version 7.3.1 of the Universal Forwarder

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