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Universal Forwarder and Deployment Server with SSL how to?


If I want to use SSL in communications between UFs (Universal Forwarders) and DS (Deployment Server) how can I during installation of UF state that it must use some particular ssl-cert-path and ssl-root-ca-path?

Typical UF install:

1) rpm -i splunk_package_name.rpm
2) splunk start --accept-license
3) splunk enable boot-start
4) splunk set deploy-poll host:port
5) splunk add forward-server host:port -ssl-cert-path /path/ssl.crt -ssl-root-ca-path /path/ca.crt -ssl-password *password*

For the receiver (usually an Indexer) it's possible to setup during installation the "ssl-cert-path and ssl-root-ca-path" (step 5). How to do the same for the Deployment server (step 4)?

I'm not able to find this information anywhere.

Thank you.

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Splunk Employee
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I have the same problem .... some help?

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