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Unable to remotely restart universal forwarder


I am attempting to restart a universal forwarder which is running on a Windows server. I enter the following: hxxps://server:8089/services/server/control/restart, replacing "server" with the hostname/ip of the server. I am then prompted to enter the admin user/password.

After the credentials are accepted, instead of the forwarder restarting, I receive the following:

<msg type="ERROR">
In handler 'server-control': Invalid request, restart requires POST (handler: server-control, action:restart, eai action: list).

Assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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The following can help a bit at Restart a UF via CLI / other remote means

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You might be able to make use of this app:

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Hi adamblock1,

Well the message is pretty clear, it says restart requires POST and like in the docs use the provided example and run

curl -k -u admin:changeme https://localhost:8089/services/server/control/restart -X POST

and it will work. But, I don't know if this is going to work on an UF as well, since the supported remote commands do not include

Start, stop, restart
Status, version 

Maybe you can provide an update if it's working 😉

Hope that helps ...

cheers, MuS