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Unable to install Splunk Universal Forwarder on Network drive


Hi Team,

Currently, I am facing the following issue:

  • I would like to install Splunk UF package (6.5.3) on a Network drive on Windows System.
    Windows Server IP:

  • I was able to copy the UF package on the above Windows Server under Installer

  • Have mapped the Network drive path to I:> drive on Local system

- When I double clicked the .msi package, I am getting the message as Unable to install the package as it is not a Local drive.

I can't login to server using Remote desktop.

I am unable to install UF package on this server. Kindly help me on how can I install the UF package.

Does splunk supports Network installation? regards, Santosh

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Hi santosh_scb,
Splunk setup must be executed on the target machine, you can use a network driver to copy the file on a server but you cannot execute it on the remote server!
This is because Splunk installation starts some processes on the target server, it isn't only a copy of files.

You have only two ways:

  • ask to the server administrator to install Splunk UF,
  • find a different way to take logs (e.g. WMI), but I don't like it!


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