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Unable to get day value padding to work via the props.conf

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Unable to get day value padding to work via the props.conf. The log file looks as follows:

Jul  5 20:51:28 abcdenc06 lost page write due to I/O error on dm-1

The source has multiple names in the 4th directory source="/var/log/rmtlogs/abcde/systems.log" or could be source="/var/log/rmtlogs/fghij/systems.log".

My props.conf file is defined as:

TIME_FORMAT = %b %e %H:%M:%S
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It is cumbersome to use source for any props.conf stanza header; almost always we use sourcetype. I suggest that you change your stanza header to use the sourcetype that you set in your inputs.conf for these files, even if it is 2 different sourcetypes. If you mist keep this as-is, then be sure to add a ] character to the end of your stanza header line (it is missing).

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