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Unable to connect to Mongodb with SSL Certificate using MongoClient in Node Js Script

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Hi Team,


I'm trying to connect to MongoClient using Node Js Script.

While i'm passing the same certificate what we used earlier to connect through mongoose.connect . 
var MongoClient = require("mongodb").MongoClient,
 f = require('util').format,
 fs = require('fs');

const options = {
  server: {

function (err,database) {
                console.log("Not Connected");
                if (err) return console.error(err);

                console.log("We are connected");
===================== Can you please help on this.. Log is saying as Below ============
I'm getting Below Error 

2020-07-05T11:52:44.869+0000 I ACCESS [conn805] authenticate db: admin { authenticate: 1, user: "myassistroot", nonce: "5be2405f5a0d1eed", key: "d140b8834a2f96624991bfa9cdf911df", $db: "admin" }

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