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Unable to add TCP Data Inputs in Splunk Cloud


I'm using Splunk Cloud and I'm unable to add a new Data Input. I'm entering all the required fields but when I click on Save the UI shows an error "Please enter all required fields". The UI does not indicate which field I'm missing.
Steps to reproduce,
Go to Settings->Data inputs->(under Forwarded Inputs)TCP->New and then under Source enter a TCP Port: 9800
Accept Connections from all hosts?
Source name override (Left it empty). It does not say it is mandatory.
Source Type
Set Source Type -> From List
Select Source Type from List -> syslog

Under More Settings
Host->Set Host -> IP

with the above specified inputs when i click "save" it throws an error to fill in required fields. Not sure what I missed.
Please help.

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Splunkcloud only accepts secure connections from forwarders with the correct SLL certificates.
The solution is to use a forwarder on your side to listen to syslog (tcp or udp), and configure the forwarder to to splunkcloud.

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

You wont be able to create new TCP inputs into Splunk Cloud. Inbound ports are blocked, you will need to submit a ticket to have this created and enabled.

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