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Tutorialdata file is not uploading all files in the zip file. How to change that?


Hi there, I'm still in the early stages of setting up my Splunk.

Once I have downloaded the tutorial data file, it saves in my downloads folder. when i want to add the data, i select the file, however it only takes one file at a time, i.e.

1.Main Tutorial Data File
2.opens the files in the data file
3.can only select one file at a time (Userlogs...) does not upload the entire tutorial data file

please assist me?

Thank you

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I am having issues importing as well ... and yes I know this thread is old... but find it odd everyone says to not unzip the sample archive... the tutorial documentation tells you unzip/unarchive the zip file... and do three separate imports. This should not be that difficult.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Can you tell me what platform you are using? Also, make sure that when you select the file for upload, it is the compressed file (

Thank you,

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

It sounds like your laptop might be automatically unzipping the file when you download it. You can download it again on this topic,

or use this link

and choose not to unzip the file. (For example, right-click on the link and choose "Save Link As...")

If it unzips, you should have a folder called "tutorialdata". You can also just compress this folder manually and save it as "" before you upload.


Splunk 6.2.1 - I am using a macbook air laptop. When I look at the details of the folder it does not say that it is zipped. Could you possibly send it to me already zipped?

Thank you for your response.

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