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The timezone for Turkey will stay at the Daylight Saving Time of UTC/GMT +03:00. What can be carried out in Splunk so this timezone is picked up.

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

In Turkey, the clock is no longer going back during the Winter months the timezone will always be:

GMT +03:00


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Splunk handles timezones with the following order:

(1) A time zone indicator in the raw event data e.g. -800, GMT-8 or PST

(2) The value of a TZ attribute set in props.conf
* Checks the host, source or sourcetype stanzas
* If a forwarder is used, the forwarder-provided time zone is used


TZ = Europe/Moscow 

TZ = Europe/Volgograd 

(3) If all else fails, Splunk applies the timezone of the indexer's host server.

So in the meantime you just need to use a timezone (close to Turkey) that has +03:00 all year around until a patch has been created.

    CC* Coordinates*      TZ*                Comments*                   UTC offset  UTC DST offset Notes 

    RU  +554521+0373704 Europe/Moscow      MSK+00  - Moscow area           +03:00   +03:00 
    RU  +4844+04425     Europe/Volgograd    MSK+00  - Volgograd, Saratov    +03:00  +03:00

The following Enhancement Request has been logged:

SPL-129875 Turkey timezone change to +03:00 (permanent Daylight Saving)

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