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The Common Information Model, Syslog logs, and unsure where to go from here.

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Hey splunk>answers,

As the title suggests I'm not sure what or how I should go about any of this. The long story short:

1) Universal Forwarder on a local syslog server. Monitors the syslog files that are created.

2) Splunk server listens for the universal forwarder. Then splunk works its magic to for searching and indexing of the data.

3) I also have the common information model app installed for practice and testing.

Where I'm stuck is with this:

  • How does the common information model help me when transforming, indexing, and searching Syslog and (hopefully active directory data).

  • How can properly identify interesting fields in Syslog. I have it identified as Syslog traffic. And in splunk I see the Time column and the Event column. I'm wondering if there are ways I can drill that data down even further.

Appreciate any advice as always,


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

You will need to identify what sort of events are being logged by Syslog. Are they just 'standard' unix types event, are they firewall events, or something custom?

Once you know the types of events you are receiving, match them to one (or more) of the data models provided by the CIM. You will then be able to use any CIM-compliant dashboards and searches, or enable data model acceleration.

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I'm currently working with Switch data in my lab. I'll be sending active directory data soon. That said when I work with switch data in splunk I get 2 fields:

Time and Events.

I'm trying to determine if separating those fields out even further would help with drilling into the data and attaching them to the common information model.

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