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Splunk not indexing the entire file.

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I have a new 5.0 splunk server that is the indexer and search head.
I have one forwarder sending logs.
All is working well but!
One directory of log files. Splunk is only reading the first line of the files in this directory.
The splunkd.log

11-09-2012 08:33:43.250 -0600 INFO WatchedFile - Checksum for seekptr didn't match, will re-read entire file='/opt/jrun4/logs/server-2-event.log'.

11-09-2012 08:33:43.250 -0600 INFO WatchedFile - Will begin reading at offset=0 for file='/opt/jrun4/logs/server-2-event.log'.

Here is what is in my inputs.conf


crcSalt = <SOURCE>

disabled = false

I just recently add the crcSalt = <SOURCE> and restarted the forwarder. I'm still not getting the entire file indexed.

NOTE: I do have the word "SOURCE" between the greater than and less than symbols. It just didn't show up when typeing this question.

Please help.

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Double check and see that your events are not being timestamped incorrectly and they are not appearing elsewhere in your index.

Does it still show only one event if you directly reference the source file over all time? ie. index=blah source=/opt/jrun4/logs/server-2-event.log

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