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Splunk index archiving to HDFS - throwing error "RollHandler - Could not find splunk_index"

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Though I can search index=digits from the search head, it's throwing the below message. Any clue on this?

2016-06-29 04:42:25.456 +0000 DEBUG UserGroupInformation$HadoopLoginModule - User entry: "dp_ed_p@YGRID.YAHOO.COM"
2016-06-29 04:42:25.457 +0000 INFO UserGroupInformation - Login successful for user dp_ed_p@YGRID.YAHOO.COM using keytab file /home/dp_ed_p/
2016-06-29 04:42:25.458 +0000 INFO SplunkMR - Configured to use installed splunk package. Ensuring package exists
2016-06-29 04:42:25.463 +0000 INFO SplunkMR - Setting configuration to use local Splunk package: /home/dp_ed_p/splunk/splunk-6.4.1-debde650d26e-linux-2.6-x86_64.tgz
2016-06-29 04:42:25.487 +0000 WARN RollHandler - Could not find splunk_index=digits, ignoring ...
2016-06-29 04:42:25.487 +0000 DEBUG RollHandler - Done rolling buckets to virtual_index=digits_archive
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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

"Could not find splunk_index=digits" warning is thrown when index digits does not exist. Since you can search index on SH, index does exist on SH.
Do you have distributed deployment with one or more indexers or indexer cluster. Archiving tries to archive data on SH and indexers. Most likely one of your indexer does not have index digits. This message could be coming from that indexer.

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