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Splunk gets WMI Error 80041003 but WBEMTEST succeeds


On a new Splunk install on a Windows server, I followed the "HOWTO Enable WMI Access for Non-Admin Domain Users" instructions. But when running the suggested test (splunk cmd splunk-wmi -wql "select * from win32_service" -namespace \\root\cimv2), it returns "ERROR WMI - Error occurred while trying to retrieve results from a WMI query (error="Current user does not have permission to perform the action." HRESULT=80041003). I don't get this error when I make the Splunk service account a domain admin.

However, when the Splunk service account is NOT a domain admin and I run the Splunk Troubleshooting guide's WBEMTEST, it successfully returns WMI results. The only way I can force an error with WBEMTEST is to use "identify" instead of "impersonate" on the Impersonation Level (Error: "Access denied, impersonation level too low").

Why would the Splunk WMI query fail when WBEMTEST succeeds?

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Martin, did you ever resolve this issue?

Thanks Michael

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