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How to check inputs.conf file to see the how the log files are being sent to splunk. 


How to check forwarder is running and moved data to splunk index? 

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Hi @kajalchopade071,

you can check if a Forwarder is running searching in _internal index, something like this:

index=_internal host=your_host

if you have results, Forwarder is up and running.

To check if a Forwarder is sending a kind of logs, you have to do the same thing in the index containing the logs to check.

if you have many hosts to monitor, you have to create a lookup (called e.g. perimeter.csv), containing all the hosts to monitor (e.g. in a column called host) and run a little more comples search:

| metasearch index=_internal
| eval host=lower(host)
| stats count BY host
| append [ | inputlookup perimeter.csv | eval host=lower(host), count=0 | fields host count ]
| stats sum(count) AS total BY host
| where total=0



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