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Splunk forwarder preventing Docker rebuild


I am wondering if anyone has come accross this issue before:

System and application versions:
• Docker version 18.09.4
• Splunk version 7.2.6 (?)
• Windows Server 2019 1809 Build

A summary of what we’ve discovered and background information:
• Splunk seems to prevent docker from starting docker containers, they are stuck in a “Created” state
• We do not use Splunk explicitly as our docker logging service, i.e. Splunk is not referenced in any docker config
• Docker and the SplunkForwarder service both start up on host boot
• Changing the dependencies on the service (i.e. docker start first or splunk start first) doesn’t fix the issue
• Stopping splunk while docker is running and then creating the containers works
o As soon as one container has started successfully, we can start splunk and still create more containers
• Restarting splunk while docker is running and then creating the containers does not work

Steps to reproduce on a machine:
1. Boot server up, docker and splunk start automatically
2. Attempt to run docker-compose to create our containers with no containers already running or in an exited state, docker gets stuck with containers in a “Created” state

Steps to mitigate issue:
1. When there are no containers running, stop the splunk service
2. Run docker-compose to create at least one container successfully
3. Start the splunk service
4. Run docker-compose to bring up any remaining containers

Any help or ideas to get a work around would be appreciated

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