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Splunk docker container 7.3.2


After starting up a container running the splunk/splunk:7.3 image and logging into the splunk UI. I noticed file integrity errors, where the following jar is missing: /opt/splunk/bin/jars/vendors/libs/json-2018130.jar. It is present within the manifest file, but is in fact not present within the libs directory. I haven't been able to find any other posts about this, so not sure if something is wrong with the image I used. Just trying to see how I should proceed, and whether this is a know issue, and the potential impacts of this jar not being present. My team is really wanting to move towards docker, but if there are issues with the images, that might not be possible right now. Thanks

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Answering my own question. What happened was one of the layers didn't successfully install correctly, deleting all the saved layers and re-loading the image fixed this issue for me. The jar is now present and I no longer receive the missing jar errors.

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