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Splunk and Dynatrace Integration


Hello All,

We have a requirement of integration of Dynatrace (SAAS service) and Splunk 8.0.0(On Premise).

Currently we have installed the Dynatrace App and Dynatrace Add-on from Splunk base ,defined 2 new indexes, configured the inputs for events and metrics as well using the URL of Dynatrace SAAS service, token and default port from API management of Dynatrace

However we are not able see the data flow. Kindly suggest please.

The port which is used in inputs is a default port  from API management of Dynatrace, should that port be opened on the Splunk (on premise) server?

And if we use HEC to get the data , the default port is 8088 , should that also be opened on the Splunk (on premise) server?


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