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Splunk Universal Forwareder porformance impact

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Do you know if exist a table, web page, benchmark or paper where the impact to performance for the appliances where an Universal Forwarder is installed on is shown?

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@aaronhernandez, for servers, kindly refer to @pruthvikrishnapolavarapu comment.
In your question you are referring to appliances in 99% of the cases, you will not be able to install a forwarder on appliances.
to bring this kind of data, please read here:

hope it helps

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Hi Aaron,
There is no specific benchmark/table which specifies the performance of universal forwarders. It completely depends on the way universal forwarder is used, if for example a universal forwarder is set to monitor a million directories and options such as "ignoreOlderThan" is not set, UF will have to monitor all the files available.
Other most performance impact is misplacement of wildcard, if a wildcard is specified in that log path and there are other folders which could be matched with the wildcard it would be a performance hit.
Below are few linux command which i use to check the performance of UF

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