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Hi All,

Need help regarding Splunk REST API.

Currently we are getting logs from application where it has info about user login details. Now application team wants to integrate Splunk logs to salesforce using via REST API. Like if app team wants to check user login details from Salesforce console using user ID then salesforce need to query Splunk to get the latest 5 user login events.

I am able to query splunk via cURL and getting the info, but since have very less experience in programming and want to know if anyone has already similar setup and if you could share the details how to setup Splunk REST API with step by step that would be helpful for me.


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You can use splunk SDK corresponding to the programming language you are using in your project...
Establishing connection.. Executing searches and accessing other object can be done.. Also it will reduce your coding efforts..

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Refer to Splunk How To Video on Using the Splunk REST API for quick understanding.

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