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Splunk Missing Syslog Events


Splunk is missing some of the events listed in my syslog file.

(Can't really believe this hasn't been asked. I searched but couldn't find. Possible match is, but it is also unanswered at this time.)

A small fraction of events recorded in the system log file are not found in searches. Single Splunk system (version 4.1.5), remote events are coming into syslog-ng, syslog-ng creates a single file - splunk-log.

Splunk search misses first entry below but finds second when looking for 15769:94.

(line 10047154)

Nov 22 10:46:57 '': INFO [OSAPI_PROD] [Access] Client [] ReqID [15769:94] Serving request [getDHCPInfo] Args [clientIP=>, macAddress=>00:06:7f:0c:ab:ff, requestID=>15769:94]

(line 10048270)

Nov 22 10:46:58 '': INFO [OSAPI_PROD] [Access] Client [] ReqID [15769:94] Request [getDHCPInfo] completed in [0.599868] seconds :: Return Code [0]

The log file is 18467113 lines long, so it's not close to the end of the file. (Was thinking the file was rotated before Splunk had a chance to grab it, but this isn't the case.)

Any ideas why this is happening?

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

If this is still a problem, open a support ticket and send in a drag report.

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