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Splunk DB Connect 3.6.0 and MySQL- having trouble with inputs


Hi! Im running Splunk DB Connect 3.6.0 on my HF (ver 8.0.9) and having some issues with one of my inputs. Im trying to index licens usage data from Appdynamics into Splunk with the query below. It runs fine in GUI and i can see the results and i dont get any errors completing the input guide. Checked the splunk_app_db_connect_audit_command.log for errors, but it logs "state=success" However, splunk_app_db_connect_job_metrics.log says "read_count=0 write_count=0 error_count=0" this is the only input against mysql. Any ideas?





SELECT usage_host.account_id AS AccountID,
         usage_host.host_id AS UniqueHostID,
         usage_host.is_fallback_host AS FallbackHost,
         usage_host.virtual_cpus AS vCPUcount,
         host_leased_units.usageUnits AS AccountHostLeasedUnits,
         0) AS AccountLicenseEntityLeasedUnits, AS AccountLicensePackage,
         usage_license_entity.agent_type AS AgentType,
         from_unixtime(usage_license_entity.register_date) AS LeaseDate,
         usage_allocation_package.allocation_name AS LicenseRule,
         from_unixtime((floor(unix_timestamp() / 300) * 300)) AS SnapshotValidAt
FROM usage_lease
JOIN usage_host
    ON = usage_lease.usage_host_id
JOIN usage_allocation_package
    ON = usage_lease.usage_allocation_package_id
JOIN usage_license_entity
    ON = usage_lease.usage_license_entity_id
JOIN conf_package
    ON conf_package.int_id = usage_lease.usage_package_id
    (SELECT usage_host.host_id,
         round(sum(usage_lease.account_units)) AS usageUnits
    FROM usage_lease
    JOIN usage_host
        ON = usage_lease.usage_host_id
    WHERE usage_lease.created_date = (floor(unix_timestamp() / 300) * 300)
            AND usage_host.account_id = 2
    GROUP BY  usage_host.host_id) AS host_leased_units
    ON host_leased_units.host_id = usage_host.host_id
WHERE (usage_lease.created_date = (floor(unix_timestamp() / 300) * 300)
        AND usage_host.account_id = usage_allocation_package.account_id
        AND usage_allocation_package.account_id = usage_license_entity.account_id
        AND usage_license_entity.account_id = 2)
ORDER BY  usage_host.host_id; 





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