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I have created 5 instances of splunk azure marketplace standalone instances. I am unable to ssh in to 4 of the machines. Any guidance on this will be helpful. As well i observed when an azure vm is stopped and started the splunk service does not come up and hence it is not resolvable over https.

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You need to gain access to the instances over ssh first - This forum is not the place to help you with that aspect.

However, you seem to suggest you have performed the splunk install on all 5 already. Did you configure splunk to boot on start?

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Thank you for replying. I posted this issue here because i did not know where to reach out for the issues with Azure Marketplace Splunk Instance.

When i say i installed 5 instances what i mean is... Wel,l here is the context. I created a Splunk instance and it was working fine for 4 days, i ingested some data and played around. But when i stopped and started the instance it never came back up on https, so i assume there was no configuration made for reboot. And i wanted to configure reboot. So I tried to ssh into the instance and it did not let me in.

So to continue my experience with Splunk i created one more instance and it is resolvable over https and ssh as well. Currently I am working with this instance.

But to troubleshoot why I am not able to ssh into the first machine, i put in support ticket to Microsoft and we had a troubleshoot session but still we could not ssh in to the machine. However i create one more instance to see if i can ssh, it was resolvable over https but i could not ssh. I went ahead created one more and am not able to ssh.

So all I am trying to figure out is why it is not letting me ssh. However I am able to ssh in to the 2nd instance that i created.

Any guidance on where to reach out for the appropriate Splunk team will be great.

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