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Splunk 7.2.4 and Tableau connection



It was working fine until last week but from this Monday i am having trouble connecting Tableau to splunk data source. I see the following error:

"[Splunk]SplunkODBC Unexpected response from server. Veriy the server URL. Error parsing JSON: Text only contains white space(s)"

I am using Tableau 10.3, Splunk ODBC 2.1.1 (64 bit). Our splunk server was upgraded to 7.2.4 recently

Please tell me what went wrong.



Per the app devs, the Splunk ODBC driver is not compatible with Splunk 7.x.

I'm also trying to figure out how to get the two talking to each other again.


thanks, @nplamondon !! They will have to bring the new odbc version. Other solution I came across was WDC.

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@nplamondon @garimavohra you should try out Splunk Tableau WDC (web data connector) as that worked fine for us.

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There is data discrepancy in all the tables. In ODBC the data used to come in their original data type but with WDC all the fields are importing as strings that is a big problem, there is a need for updated ODBC driver if the data type issue can't be fixed. Splunk team never responds on how to resolve either of the issues.

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