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Spath for getting date json field

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Hi all,

I'm trying to use spath to extract JSON data from a field name that represents a date:

"field1": {
"2019-01-02": []

but when I try spath input=message output=result field1.2019-01-02 it's not working. I tried to replace the field name with another text (i.e. replace "2019-02-01" with "targetDate") and setting the replaced result in the spath input parameter but it is still not working.

Thank you for your help.

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Try this SPL:

| makeresults 
| eval message="{\"foo\":{\"2019-01-02\":[{\"zoo\":1},{\"baz\":2}]}}" 
| spath input=message output=result path=foo.2019-01-02{}
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