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Simple search using cURL returns empty results

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I tried following a simple cURL request based on the training video and I get no results.

I run my search:
curl -u id:password -k https://server:port/services/search/jobs -d search="search index=windows user=mylogin"

I get back a SID then search the SID for being complete.

curl -u id:password -k https://server:port/services/search/jobs/SID
see that it isDone = 1 then I l try to look at the results:

curl -u id:password -k https://server:port/services/search/jobs/SID/results

get nothing back?

when I execute the same in C# using a web client I get a method not allowed.


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you need to add --get -d outputmode=csv (json,xml) etc

curl -k -u id:password https://server:port/services/search/jobs/SID/results --get -d "outputmode=csv" > save to file or as required.

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Did you try with HTTP POST method ?

curl -k -X POST -u id:password https://server:port/services/search/jobs/SID


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Even I am facing the same issue, Is it resolved? I didnt get the desiredoutput when I tried this HTTP Post method. And I am also looking for resultCount value.

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