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Showing indexed time?


Hey everyone,
Is there a way to show the indexed time of an event (as opposed to the timestamp)? I am trying to see if my forwarders are capable of keeping up with the volume of data that I am sending - I seem to be missing a lot of events and I want to make sure I'm not losing them when my pruning process runs.

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Look at the hidden _indextime field. I've found it helpful to look at the delay of each event and chart the results like so:

your search ... | eval delay=_indextime-_time | bucket bins=30 delay | chart count by delay

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Doesn't work for me 😞 I add this to a query and I do not see _indextime values,

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Here is the answer
YOUR QUERY | eval lag_sec=_indextime-_time | table lag_sec

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This data is stored in the _indextime field.

You can access it via:

... | eval indexed_time=strftime(_indextime, "%+")


... | eval lag = _indextime - _time