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Setting up indexes.conf


I am setting indexes.conf file where I am going to fix homepath and coldpah sizes. for ex.-

 homePath = FASTDISK:\splunk\myindex\db
 coldPath = SLOWDISK:\splunk\myindex\colddb
 thawedPath = SLOWDISK:\splunk\myindex\thaweddb
 coldToFrozenDir = ARCHIVEDISK:\splunk\myindex\frozen
 **maxTotalDataSizeMB = 1000000**
homePath.maxDataSizeMB = 600000
coldPath.maxDataSizeMB = 400000
 frozenTimePeriodInSecs = 31536000

Here I have below questions-
1. If I am setting separately homepath and coldpath sizes then why it is required to mention whole index size as well i.e. maxTotalDataSizeMB or it is not mandatory?
2. I read somewhere that for thawedPath does not take into consideration any environment variable/volume path referenced. is it correct? then I have to manually set thawedPath.


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You have to specify maxTotalDataSizeMB as this parameter dictates the freezing of your data.
thawedPath cannot contain a volume reference. It says so in the documentation as well.

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Thanks @bangalorep.
Can you please explain me why maxTotalDataSizeMB is required because even coldPath.maxDataSizeMB dictates freezing of data once coldpath size exceeded.

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