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Setting sourcetype and source fields dynamically via inputs.conf

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I was reading the docs for inputs.conf and noticed that there are host _regex and host _segment attributes to the monitor stanzas. I want to be able to set the source and sourcetype attributes with a regex (just like host _regex and host _segment) as well. I know you can set it in transforms.conf, but I need to be able to set it on a per-file basis, not a per-event basis.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how to accomplish this?

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Well, perhaps this may not be applicable for you, but you can set the sourcetype somewhat dynamically with props.conf rules. This will examine the content of a file and set the sourcetype if the rules match.

sourcetype = source_with_lots_of_bars
# if more than 80% of lines have "----", but fewer than 70% have "####" declare this a
# "source_with_lots_of_bars"
MORE_THAN_80 = ----
LESS_THAN_70 = ####

A rule can have many MORE_THAN and LESS_THAN patterns, and all are required for the rule
to match.

Hope this helps,


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Splunk Employee

You can only set source and sourcetype to a fixed string in inputs.conf. You cannot set it to be a regex or segment of the pathname. To set to a fixed string, use source = ... or sourcetype = ....

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