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Service item.update causes modular input to restart

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In my modular input I want to update a configuration setting between runs so I don't poll for the same data again and again. The code I use to do this is below. It's using the splunklib.client library ( to make a REST connection to Splunk, using the session held by the modular input, it grabs the config section and calls item.update to update the query_param.

The call to item.update causes the entire modular input to reload... and in the logs I get a "Winsock error 10054", most likely because of the reload.

I'm on Splunk 8.0.1 running Python3. I can't find any documentation on this behavior. I tried not using the SESSION_TOKEN, and instead connecting with username/password, but same issue. I also tried adding service.logout at the end, but that code never executes. Is this expected?

                args = {'host':'localhost','port':SPLUNK_PORT,'token':SESSION_TOKEN}
                service = Service(**args)

                item = service.inputs.__getitem__(STANZA[len(APP_NAME) + 3:])
                item.update(query_params = dictionary_to_params(url_args))

            except Exception as e:
                logging.error("Error trying to update args: %s" % str(e))

One last note. In the logs I get the following warning. I assume this is being causes by the app restarting.

03-16-2020 08:52:25.232 -0400 WARN HttpListener - Socket error from while accessing /servicesNS/nobody/launcher/data/inputs/my_app/my_data_input/: Winsock error 10054

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