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Sending SNMP to Splunk


Still have some doubts about sending SNMP to Splunk

About this step:
Edit C:\usr\etc\snmp\snmptrapd.conf:

snmpTrapdAddr [System IP]:162

authCommunity log [community string]

Is the system IP the one which Splunk is installed on?
I am able to create the log file on the local machine, but it always states:

couldn't open udp:162 -- errno 2 ("No such file or directory")

Are there any other configuration do I need?
Thanks very much.

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If you're having problems with snmp modular input, may want to give this a try.

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So I have SNMPD running, however no SNMP traps are being written tp snmptrapd.log. I have installed wireshark and can see that the traps have arrived on the correct interface with the correct community.

Any ideas?


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you can put something like this:

snmpTrapdAddr udp:

authCommunity log,execute,net public
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