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Search for results NOT found in the last 24hours?

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Edit: rephrasing the question a bit

I have a job that is remotely triggered which should be run at least once within a 24 hour period. The start message (i.e. "Job Triggered") appears in /var/log/messages. What is the optimal way to search/report for hosts that DO NOT have the Job Triggered message within a 24 hour period?

So far, I have this in the search cmd:
source="/var/log/messages" host="*" "Job Triggered." earliest=-1d | dedup host | stats count by host

This shows the results, but doesn't tell me how many hosts didn't have the Job Triggered in that period.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

In order to evaluate against history (to find a gap), you'll have to collect some history. A way that this is achieved in the Deployment Monitor app (which ships with Splunk) is to utilize a summary index that's used to "remember what is seen". Another way would be to use | inputlookup combined with | outputlookup to create a CSV file that has some history.

Ultimately, you'd end up with a list of "hosts we've seen kick off the job over all time, and the last time they ran it", and then perform some time math against | eval this_time=now() to see if it's > 24h.

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