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Hi All~

I am trying to build a query to generate a list/table that shows me devices that have not sent in a specific message to be indexed by Splunk in the last 30 hours.

I believe I will need to create a subsearch to identify all devices that have communicated with any message in the last 30 days.

[ host="Jetstream" earliest=-30d@d | dedup EventId | fields LogicalDeviceId ]

The LogicalDeviceId is the unique name for each device being indexed. I want to use that field as the basis for the main search.

host="Jetstream" and sourcetype="ObjectEvent" earliest=-30h@h [ subsearch here ] | fields LogicalDeviceId, EventTime

For reference, an ObjectEvent looks like:
<Jetstream xmlns=""><Header EventId="02d42360-d0df-48f4-aa85-dc5cede9cc4a" EventTime="2011-05-16T05:53:31Z" LogicalDeviceId="10000092" ReceivedTime="2011-05-16T05:57:10Z" /><ObjectEvent><DeviceExtensionList /></ObjectEvent></Jetstream>

The resulting list would be those LogicalDeviceIds that have not sent in an ObjectEvent in the last 30 hours.

I'm seeing a couple problems. One is obviously speed on the subsearch. Any suggestions how to speed it up? I'm guessing there's a way to do unique on the LogicalDeviceId... The second is I'm not getting any results back.

Thanks for the help!

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A workable approach for this might be to build state in a lookup table. If you can periodically (and incrementally) update a lookup table with the last time a LogicalDeviceId checked in, then you can easily search that lookup table to figure out when a checkin was over 30 hours ago. Araitz covers this approach for firewall state in

You should be able to adapt his approach to this.

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