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Scripted input printing System.object[] instead of string?

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I have a batch file that executes PowerShell like so:


disabled = 0
interval = 60
index = main

The script is (myscript.bat):

type "%PROGRAMFILES%\Splunk\etc\apps\TA-myapp\bin\print-info.ps1" | powershell.exe -noprofile -

The PowerShell we are executing is (print-info.ps1):

$ProcessList = (Get-Process | select Name,Handle)
$ProcessList | Add-Member scriptmethod ToString { 'Name="{0}" Handle="{1}"' -f $this.Name, $this.Handle } -Force
$ProcessList.ToString() | Out-File -Append -NoClobber -Encoding utf8 -FilePath "$env:programfiles\Splunk\etc\apps\TA-myapp\spool\print-info.log"

If I execute the .BAT script manually (double clicking it), this works fine and the file is appended with text as I expect. If Splunk executes it, the file is instead appended with


How do I get Splunk to output the string that it's supposed to be outputting?

We are unable to use the PowerShell modular input in our environment.

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