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SOAP API data input - Maintaining Auth


I have a user who has a SOAP API they would like to collect data from and Index. I can authenticate to the SOAP API using normal HTTP digest authentication with username and password. The authentication generates a token "" in the Response XML. The token has a timeout of 30 minutes. After 30 minutes I have to call the AuthService URI again to get a new token.

My question is this. How can I pass the XML authToken from the first XML response into other data inputs? I have other Data Inputs that actually pull data from the API that need the refresh of the auth token in their POST body.

One last note. I'm using the "REST API Modular input" on Splunkbase to get the Auth request working. But I'm open to other routes.

Any Tips or Tricks? The API is pretty old and doesn't have a REST equivalent.


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