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SNMP - potential native support in the future?

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One of the most compelling facets of Splunk is that it can index and report on so many types of data without any extra 'stuff' involved - by that I mean third party products.

I do have Net-SNMP that translates the trap data to a log file that Splunk in turn reads. It wasn't as easy as say pointing syslog to Splunk and just having it work out-of-box, and it sure would be great if it was.

Is/Was native support for SNMP in Splunk planned? The question has come up more than a few times in my office and I have seen a fair amount of confusion about implementing a SNMP solution in SplunkBase. Just curious.

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I have been working with one of our SE's to create an SNMP Modular Input. Modular Inputs are first class citizen objects in Splunk in their own right and provide a more integrated experience for the user that traditional scripted inputs. This would present you with a simple user experience in Splunk Manager to setup your SNMP data collection , similar to how you would currently setup TCP/UDP/File inputs etc...
So stay tuned !

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Splunk Employee

I have not heard of specific plans to include it, but certainly it is discussed and the requests have been made. If you make Enhancement Requests for it, it will be more likely to be weighted more heavily. Similar requests were made for native RDBMS input support, and the Splunk-supported DB Connect application to provide this was the result.

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