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Retrieving saved search data using the REST API and showing results in CSV format, is there a way to specify pipe as the delimiter?



I am trying to receive saved search data using REST API and showing the results in csv format. Is there a way that I can change the delimiter to pipe instead of comma?

The command I used to fetch the data is:

curl -k -u <user>:<pass> -d "search=savedsearch saved_search1" https://<splunk_host>:8089/services/search/jobs/export -d output_mode=csv

I'm getting the data in comma separated format. Now, is there a way that I can specify the delimiter?

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To change the default "list separator" used in CSV, you must change your date/time/system settings to use pipes instead of commas. Here's how you do it in windows. You'll need to change this on the server running splunk as far as I know, but you may have to do so on your computer as well.

alt textalt text

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