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Retrieving logs from all hosts in Splunk cloud, instead of one



Tanium is sending logs to our only syslog server and we have created a folder in that server (let us say a) so in Splunk cloud it should show as host = a, but in Splunk cloud, we could see hostname containing different syslog servers. Is it a bug?

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Yes, this is normal default behavior but it is definitely incorrect for your use case. You need to override the host value and take it from inside of the event or from the connection. See here for how we do it:

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It depends on how the data is being handled during index time. You can change the host field in index time with props/transforms confs and you can also set the host as a segment of the path your monitoring.

Several TAs bring some kind of field manipulation out of the box (e.g. you index data with source type pan_logs and it ends up as pan:traffic, pan:system, etc). Same logic can be applied to other fields in index time (e.g. index (for data routing), host (to correctly assign the host name), etc. )

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