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I am new to KV store,
I am trying to delete a key from the key value store using the rest call in splunk search window.
I am able to access my KV store from search bar using the following search command.

| rest /servicesNS/nobody/Monsanto-Monitoring-SelfService/storage/collections/config/windows_perfmon

but i am not sure how to use the GET POST and DELETE methods.

i tried the following searches but i was not sucessful,

| rest /servicesNS/nobody/Monsanto-Monitoring-SelfService/collections/data/windows_perfmon/549c692b6dfa175b773a2736 GET
| rest /servicesNS/nobody/Monsanto-Monitoring-SelfService/collections/data/windows_perfmon/549c692b6dfa175b773a2736 DELETE

please let me know the right way to call these rest api.

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The rest command in the search bar can only submit GET requests. Use any HTTP client you like, for example curl or your programming language of choice, to submit other requests.

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