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Remote installtion of U FWDs on Windows - Specify the deployment server



We need to remotely install U FWD on thousands of Linux and WIndows systems.

On Linux systems, in the installation script, instead of the statement on deployement server listed below

/opt/splunkforwarder/bin/splunk set deploy-poll \"$DEPLOY_SERVER\" --accept-license --answer-yes --auto-ports --no-prompt -auth admin:changeme

I use the following statement which I believe provides a better practice

cp –r all_deploymentclient /fmac/Splunkforwarder/etc/apps

where the directory all_deploymentclient includes the following two files

host070> more deploymentclient.conf

10 minutes

phoneHomeIntervalInSecs = 600


Change the targetUri

targetUri = x.x.x.x:8089

host070> more app.conf
state = enabled

check_for_updates = false

How can I replicate the same functionality on Windows servers using Windows scripting? I could not find any such information on

Thank you for your help

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Hi Thuan, You'd want to create a powershell script that had something like:

copy-item all_deploymentclient "$env:programfiles\splunkuniversalforwarder\etc\apps" -recurse
stop-service *splunk*
start-service *splunk*

Please let me know if this helps!

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Great. Thank you. I am blind on Windows as one can be.

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no problem. please mark the answer accepted if it works for you, or feel free to ask for more clarification 😄

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